Self contained space with en-suite and breakfast facilities (Oxford )

This is a self-contained space with total privacy. You have your own entrance with a good-sized loft room complete with an en suite shower room.

You also have a separate breakfast area with a kettle, coffee machine, toaster and microwave.

There is also free parking available directly outside the property.

Digs' Features

Self Contained Accom
These Digs can only be booked as a whole property.

You are getting the whole place to yourselves.

Central Heating
Free Parking
Towels Provided
Use of Washing Machine
Use of Kitchen
Use of Garden
Paid Parking
Guests Allowed
Breakfast Provided
Pets in the House
Pets Allowed
Smokers Allowed
Loft Room

Private Bathroom
Tea/Coffee Facilities
Lock and Key
Double Glazing
En suite
Shared Bathroom
Blackout Blinds

Per Night
Per Week
Per Month

Health and Safety Measures

The Host has indicated to TheatreDigsBooker that the following ticked measures are in place.

COVID-19 Guidance
Host has read the Government's guidance regarding accommodation and understands how it applies to them
There are procedures in place to ensure this accommodation meets the Health and Safety Guidance in place at the time of any stay
General Sanitary and Hygiene Measures
Soap for each sink provided
Check in/Check out times allow for thorough cleaning between Guests
Separate towels provided
Laminated house rules/welcome book provided
Contactless key collection
Bins are emptied and cleaned regularly
Hand sanitiser provided
Guest Bedroom(s)
Guest rooms not cleaned during stay except by arrangement
Bathroom can be ventilated
Non-slip mats provided
Kitchen (if available to Guest)
Fire blanket or extinguisher present and in-date
Smoke detector on every floor and in working order
All water taps have been run if left standing for a significant period of time
Property decluttered where possible
Fire evacuation advice provided
Any electricals are PAT tested (if applicable)


The host hasn't yet indicated the accessibility of these digs.

Child Suitability

The host hasn't yet indicated the child-suitability of these digs.

Certificates and Licensing

Short-Term Let Licence Letting licences are not required for digs in this area at the moment.

Gas Safety
The Host hasn't yet indicated any gas details for these digs.

{ "lat": "51.7292724", "lng": "-1.2294612" }
[ { "id": "16812", "index": 0, "name": "Self contained space with en-suite and breakfast facilities ", "url": "", "lat": "51.7292724", "lng": "-1.2294612", "icon": "/assets/map_icons/red_dig-3b54092ba5c5f9dfed6ecd1160b6a3044d3d746f5f0d3a0010e606527a03c498.png", "description": "\u003cp\u003eThis is a self-contained space with total privacy. You have your own entrance with a good-sized loft room complete with an en suite shower" } ]
[ { "id": "8", "name": "Aylesbury Waterside Theatre ", "lat": "51.8151", "lng": "-0.8106", "url": "/theatres/aylesbury-waterside-theatre", "distance": "18.9" } , { "id": "197", "name": "The North Wall Arts Centre", "lat": "51.778", "lng": "-1.2677", "url": "/theatres/the-north-wall-arts-centre", "distance": "3.7" } , { "id": "353", "name": "Kenton Theatre ", "lat": "51.53934", "lng": "-0.90271", "url": "/theatres/kenton-theatre", "distance": "19.2" } , { "id": "598", "name": "Old Fire Station", "lat": "51.75351", "lng": "-1.26248", "url": "/theatres/old-fire-station", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "623", "name": "Corn Exchange Wallingford", "lat": "51.59979", "lng": "-1.12425", "url": "/theatres/corn-exchange-wallingford", "distance": "10.0" } , { "id": "557", "name": "The Cornerstone", "lat": "51.60811", "lng": "-1.23987", "url": "/theatres/the-cornerstone", "distance": "8.4" } , { "id": "629", "name": "Wormsley Estate", "lat": "51.6447", "lng": "-0.93426", "url": "/theatres/wormsley-estate", "distance": "13.9" } , { "id": "730", "name": "Claydon House", "lat": "51.92185", "lng": "-0.95512", "url": "/theatres/claydon-house", "distance": "17.7" } , { "id": "743", "name": "West Wycombe Park ", "lat": "51.64127", "lng": "-0.80365", "url": "/theatres/west-wycombe-park", "distance": "19.2" } , { "id": "961", "name": "Pegasus", "lat": "51.74182", "lng": "-1.236018", "url": "/theatres/pegasus", "distance": "0.9" } , { "id": "118", "name": "New Theatre Oxford ", "lat": "51.754", "lng": "-1.2603", "url": "/theatres/new-theatre-oxford", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "1072", "name": "Blenheim Palace", "lat": "51.841365", "lng": "-1.360972", "url": "/theatres/blenheim-palace", "distance": "9.6" } , { "id": "119", "name": "Oxford Playhouse", "lat": "51.7549", "lng": "-1.2608", "url": "/theatres/oxford-playhouse", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "1241", "name": "The Beacon", "lat": "51.5869103", "lng": "-1.4274204", "url": "/theatres/the-beacon", "distance": "13.0" } ]

These digs have not yet received a completed booking.

Please feel free to review the Host's profile for more information. If you would like to contact the Host, please click the 'Contact Host' button which appears when you select from the available dates.

NOTE: Theatre Digs Booker does not vet accommodation listed on the site. We rely heavily on the information provided by Hosts and the feedback given by Guests.

Please see any Guest reviews or the Host Profile for more information.

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