Bright Modern Musician Friendly Digs (Manchester)

Full disclosure: I am a very sociable person and love welcoming people in to my home but I am a bit of a neat freak and like a clean and organised house (at least in the communal areas). I understand this might not be for everyone so please bear this in mind before booking.

I'm a professional musician who rents out my three spare rooms for short term lets to theatre professionals.

I have two double rooms and one basic single available for digs in my house in Hulme/Trafford, 1mile from Manchester City centre. M15 5LQ.

It's a modern three storey, four bedroom townhouse with garden.

Quiet residential street close to local shops and large Asda supermarket.

Central location within walking distance or a short bus, taxi, bicycle ride or drive from all concert, theatre and playhouse venues in Manchester and Salford. (Bridgewater hall, Opera house, Palace theatre, Home theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, RNCM, Lowry Theatre, Media City).

Good access to public transport (bus, train and metro link trams).

Free secure parking in car park at rear of property.

Bicycles welcome.

Free Wifi.

Bedding, towels, tea and coffee provided.

Pet free and smoke free house but smoking is permitted outside in the garden.

Own front door key.

Communal areas are shared between all 3 rooms of guests.

Shared use of kitchen/diner includes limited cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery, fridge/freezer, gas hob, electric oven, dishwasher, large dining table and six chairs, cupboard space for you to store your own food.

Shared use of utility room includes washing machine and clothes airer, iron and ironing board.

Shared use of first floor living room includes 2 large sofas, coffee tables. Please note there is no longer a TV though.

Separate guest bathroom (on second floor) shared only between the guest rooms including W.C. washbasin, bath, shower over bath. There is also an additional [REMOVED] and washbasin downstairs on the ground floor in the utility room.

First floor bedroom is the one with white, green and lilac bedding in the photos.

Second floor bedroom is the one with white bedding and purple throw in the photos. It has its own private ensuite shower bathroom.

Both double rooms are small but very comfortable and have plenty of storage space. Approx 2m x 3m excluding fitted wardrobes.
Furniture varies slightly between rooms but both have an extremely comfortable standard double bed, bedside table with drawers, and plenty of full length hanging space and cupboard storage.
They also have a laundry basket and hairdryer.

Bedding, towels, and hairdryer are provided.

Basic single room is used as my office when not being used as a bedroom. It is a pull out single bed. It is full length but narrow single bed. Memory foam mattress. Basic furniture. Open hanging rail, laundry basket, bedside table. Plenty of plug sockets. Hair dryer.

Additional guests are allowed with prior consultation with me in advance but are subject to an additional £5/night fee to cover the extra energy, laundry costs.
I tend to wave this fee for the occasional night on a long stay.

Digs' Features

Living with Host
Use of Washing Machine
Use of Kitchen
Central Heating
Use of Garden
Free Parking
Guests Allowed
Towels Provided
Smokers Allowed
First Floor Bedroom (plain white bedding with green and lilac cushions)
Prices for 1 Guest
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)
Prices for 2 Guests
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)

Shared Bathroom
Double Glazing

Ground Floor Basic Single
Prices for 1 Guest
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)

Shared Bathroom
Tea/Coffee Facilities
Double Glazing

Second Floor Bedroom (white and purple bedding) with Ensuite bathroom
Prices for 1 Guest
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)
Prices for 2 Guests
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)

Private Bathroom
Double Glazing

Health and Safety Measures

The Host has indicated to TheatreDigsBooker that the following ticked measures are in place.

COVID-19 Guidance
Host has read the Government's guidance regarding accommodation and understands how it applies to them
There are procedures in place to ensure this accommodation meets the Health and Safety Guidance in place at the time of any stay
General Sanitary and Hygiene Measures
Hand sanitiser provided
Soap for each sink provided
Check in/Check out times allow for thorough cleaning between Guests
Separate towels provided
Laminated house rules/welcome book provided
Contactless key collection
Bins are emptied and cleaned regularly
Guest Bedroom(s)
Guest rooms not cleaned during stay except by arrangement
Non-slip mats provided
Bathroom can be ventilated
Kitchen (if available to Guest)
Fire blanket or extinguisher present and in-date
Smoke detector on every floor and in working order
All water taps have been run if left standing for a significant period of time
Fire evacuation advice provided
Any electricals are PAT tested (if applicable)
Property decluttered where possible
Carbon monoxide alarm installed


The host hasn't yet indicated the accessibility of these digs.

Child Suitability

The host hasn't yet indicated the child-suitability of these digs.

Standards and Licensing

Letting licences are not required for digs in this area at the moment.

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Mollie Lambert

Mar 2015

I recently stayed at Rachel and Jules' home in Hulme, Manchester.

I'm quite a private person and felt very comfortable throughout my stay.
The house is lovely (and immaculately clean) and I felt very at home there.

Whilst I stayed there they had another guest also, however, there was never a s... read more truggle for the shower or any of the facilities.

Rachel and Jules were lovely and made me feel very welcome, making my stay the best of both worlds as there was no mystery as to whose house I was staying in and yet at times it felt as though I was the only one there.

I had an early/ late schedule and coming and going was never an issue.
The house is an easy, short 20 minute walk to Manchester University and Museum where I was based, and perhaps an added 10/15 minutes from there into town. With regular buses all around, should you not fancy battling the wind.
There are several shops nearby, including a very large ASDA about a 5/10 minute walk away.
On arrival I took a taxi from Manchester Piccadilly to the address and it cost me less than £10.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and this will be my first choice should I ever find myself in Manchester again.

Thank you Rachel & Jules!







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