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This page includes just a few of our frequently asked questions and answers. For a full, searchable list of all questions and help articles please visit our Helpdesk.

Who are we?

Theatre Digs Booker consists of a small but highly motivated and friendly company led by Phil Barley. Phil is both an actor and a singer who has toured, on and off, for over eight years. His tours have taken him across the UK, Europe and the USA, experiencing the best and worst of what it is to be a touring company member, along with regular reminders of how important the living situation can be.

Why has Theatre Digs Booker been formed?

The aim is simple. To become the best online accommodation resource for touring theatre companies and individuals alike.

Our team of web designers, web developers and customer support experts have quickly made the No.1 online accommodation resource for the UK's theatre industry. We intend to stay at the top and grow until every theatre professional can find all their touring accommodation here. We think it's a worthy goal.

How does it work?

Digs providers, or 'Hosts' as we like to call them, are invited to list their digs on the site for free!

Touring companies and individuals, or 'Guests', are able to search these digs and book online by paying a 10% deposit through PayPal.

The Host then has 24 hours to view and/or respond (accept, decline or edit) the booking. If they accept then we process the deposit and retain it as a booking commission. The Guest then arranges with the Host how they would like to pay the balance. By default the Guest would pay the balance of the fee on arrival direct to the Host.

If the Host declines or doesn't view and/or respond to the booking within 24 hours, we let the Guest know by email, return the deposit and invite them to search again.

How do I register?

Just fill in your details at the Guest Registration page.

If you have a tour code, please enter it in the box provided. This will eventually link into tailored features for your tour or group. If not, don't worry, just complete the remainder of the form.

If you are a member of any of the affiliates mentioned, please pick one from the list and include your membership number. Then click 'Create Account'. For security purposes we send you an email to confirm your email address. Just click on the link in the email and you will be able to login at any time and view all the details for any digs you search for as well as view your past, present and future bookings.

If you are not a theatre professional, you can have an account and you will be able to search for and contact those digs that the 'Hosts' have chosen to be available to 'Anyone', and not 'Theatre Professionals Only'.

Why do I need to register?

If you are a theatre professional, you have access to all the details of all the digs on the site (and there are hundreds).

We just ask for your email and some proof of your link to the theatre industry by way of a tour code and/or your membership details to one of the industry's unions or groups eg. Equity or Spotlight etc.

Once registered, you can login at any time to search for and view digs online - it's faster, easier and smarter!

If you are not a theatre professional, you can have an account and you will be able to search for and contact those digs that the 'Hosts' have chosen to be available to 'Anyone', and not 'Theatre Professionals Only'.

Do I need to book?

All Guests are required to book via the booking facility by clicking the 'Book Now' button and paying a 10% deposit. Guests are welcome to message the Host prior, during and after the booking but arranging bookings 'verbally' within the messages facility without paying the required deposit is not permitted and can result in permanent loss of account for both Host and Guest.

Why should I book online?

Completing bookings online is important because:

I am already registered. Why can't I book?

Some Hosts only accept bookings from Theatre Professionals. If you have registered as a non-theatre pro, you can still view digs that Hosts have made publicly available but 'Private' digs will not allow you to book online.

If you are unsure how to qualify to see all digs on the site please contact us.

How can I leave a review?

If you have stayed somewhere and can tell us and other Guests what it is like, that's great! Just visit your bookings page, click 'View all Bookings' and click 'Review these Digs' on the relevant booking.

From there you can not only write about your experience but also rate the digs out of 5 stars on Cleanliness, Friendliness, Accuracy, Location, Value and Communication.

The Host will see the review and will be prompted to publically respond to your review.

Please remember, in most cases, you will be staying in a private home and not a hotel so if there are some negatives, please be as constructive as possible.

Note: Reviews can only be written if you have a past booking at those digs.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You can pay your deposit with a credit or debit card without registering with PayPal (although registering could prove easier in the long run). Just click "Don't have a PayPal account?" and enter your credit card details.

What is a 'Tour Code'?

This code is given to your union or company/tour manager manager or anyone in charge of your tour and is unique to your production. Contact them for the code and if they haven't got one, please ask them to contact us. We're trying to get all current tours on the site but some can slip through the net so your help is greatly appreciated.

Why do I need a 'Tour Code' or 'Theatre Pro' status?

Many theatre digs providers are private individuals who offer rooms in their private homes. These rooms are not available to the public but are instead only offered to the touring theatre community. By being exclusive, theatre digs are often much cheaper than the equivalent guest rooms in the area. By ensuring that only theatre professionals can view their profiles, more private digs providers use this site and as a result Theatre Digs Booker is able to offer you more choice.

What if I don't use the 'Tour Code'?

No problem! You can still search the publicly viewable accommodation

How do I get a 'Tour Code'?

If they haven't already got one, please ask your company manager or tour manager to contact us the following information:

We will then create the code and forward all details to the manager who can, in turn, pass the code onto the relevant company members.

Some of our affiliates have also been allocated a unique tour code which can appear in the members-only area of each site. You'll need to log in to your respective site and search for digs or discounts.

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