Lovely Attic Room in Victorian Residence CLOSE TO CITY CENTRE: 20min canalside walk or Bus (Birmingham )

Warm and cosy, attic room 14' x 12' in lovely Victorian house in Edgbaston, Birmingham

We are a delightful, 20-30 minute canalside "commuter" walk (or some cycle, or even kayak!) - or a 15-20min (very regular) bus journey - to the City Centre @ Brindley Place/Broad Street/Repertory Theatre etc. (search for BrindleyPlaceBirmingham); truly the beating heart of Birmingham's nightlife, including:

The three Birmingham Repertory Theatres, the world renown Birmingham Town Hall-Symphony Hall, Birmingham Library & theatres, Arena Birmingham, Crescent Theatres, Old Joint Stock Theatre. PLUS: Cineworld (2 screens) The Ikon Gallery (modern art), Birmingham Museum, Art Gallery & Edwardian Tea Room, and countless fine pubs and eateries, ranging from Pizzaland to Carlittos Italian; Baguette du Monde, Aria at the Hyatt Regency, The Pitcher, to dining on a narrow boat trip at Away2Dine!

Other theatres - The Birmingham Hippodrome, New Alex, Old Repertory Theatre etc are a further 15minute walk (or direct by bus), and all are relatively close together, and gathered around Birmingham's thriving Chinese and LGBTQ+ Quarters.

Ours is a "Home-Stay"-style accommodation where you are invited to be part of our little family, house and gardens. Live-in owners are a gay couple (married) of 36yrs, Paul and David, both Classical musicians (Composer/Classical Singer) and professional music and theatre Reviewers. Indeed, we will try to come and review your event or production while you are staying with us! To view the kind of reviews we write, just search for ReviewsGate.

We have a visiting cleaners, Karen, who comes in on Wednesdays 10-1. Karen is happy to clean your room during your stay if you'd like, as well as keeping you in clean bedding, fresh towels and supplies of hot/cold drinks, biscuits, instant & fresh coffee, flowers etc.

There are also good facilities for washing, drying, ironing clothes & cooking/microwaving etc. Indeed, just bung your washing in the machine and we will see it gets dried and folded up for you. If you want clothes ironing there are facilities in your room, or in our wonderful new walk-in shower-room.

Paul has a Guide Dog, a black lab called JJ, 🐾 and there is also a gorgeous golden-white retriever called Molly, 🐕‍🦺 as well as two very chilled-out house cats, CJ and Toby. 🐈🐈‍⬛ You will really need to be OK with animals!! They are all very loving and friendly, and will make a great fuss of you.🦮 🥰

The house has free Vodaphone (or Sky) Mobile Wi-Fi, Sky TV, Sky Movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount & various other (free) entertainment subscriptions.

There is an internet Pod in your room, which you can simply plug in to your device, plus a CD/DVD player, CDs/DVDs, radio, hairdryer, iron & ironing board. Feel free to use any & all of the facilities, AND if there is absolutely ANYTHING you want or need, just ask!

Help yourself to teas, instant or fresh coffee, milk/cream etc in your room & in the kitchen. Indeed, help yourself to fresh milk, butter/spread, still & sparkling mineral water in the kitchen fridge, as well as bread and other store cupboard items. There's also a microwave, toaster, small fridge, iron, hairdryer, desk, internet pod, radiator & free-standing heater in your room.

Excellent shops and supermarkets, together with a wide selection of specialist Asian and Afro-Caribbean stores, takeaways & food delivery services on nearby Dudley Rd. Buses are a stones throw away, and rides to the city are every 20 mins. Our buses are now ever-so new & posh; they are "SMART" buses with internet access built in for you. A Day Ticket costs just £4. Metro and train links also not far. If you have a car, we have free, non-permit-holder car parking in our street. Unless your vehicle is exempt from the congestion charge, you can either leave your car at ours, or we can suggest places to park (paid & unpaid) very close to your theatre or performance space, outside of the congestion charge perimeters. We, and most of our neighbours, have 24 hour CCTV recording, so your vehicle will be well protected!

If you can email us separately, or text us, with your email address, we will send you our lil' Guest Info E-flet, with all the details of the house, location, maps, bus times, eateries and local attractions. (TheatreDigs don't let you share things like email addresses & mobile numbers until you have paid them your deposit).

This is a fun, friendly, artsy house. Come and be part of the family and feel free to chill out with or without us, watch TV, join in with the many social activities on offer! We look forward to meeting you. Paul, David & all of the adorable pets. ❤️ Ps. new photos to be uploaded shortly!

Digs' Features

Living with Host
Use of Washing Machine
Use of Kitchen
Central Heating
Use of Garden
Free Parking
Guests Allowed
Towels Provided
Pets in the House
Pets Allowed
Smokers Allowed
Paid Parking
Breakfast Provided
Light, Airy, Warm Room 12'x14'
Prices for 1 Guest
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)
Prices for 2 Guests
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)

Shared Bathroom
Tea/Coffee Facilities
Double Glazing
Blackout Blinds
En suite
Private Bathroom
Lock and Key

Health and Safety Measures

The Host has indicated to TheatreDigsBooker that the following ticked measures are in place.

COVID-19 Guidance
Host has read the Government's guidance regarding accommodation and understands how it applies to them
There are procedures in place to ensure this accommodation meets the Health and Safety Guidance in place at the time of any stay
General Sanitary and Hygiene Measures
Hand sanitiser provided
Soap for each sink provided
Check in/Check out times allow for thorough cleaning between Guests
Separate towels provided
Laminated house rules/welcome book provided
Bins are emptied and cleaned regularly
Contactless key collection
Guest Bedroom(s)
Guest rooms not cleaned during stay except by arrangement
Non-slip mats provided
Bathroom can be ventilated
Kitchen (if available to Guest)
Fire blanket or extinguisher present and in-date
Smoke detector on every floor and in working order
All water taps have been run if left standing for a significant period of time
Fire evacuation advice provided
Any electricals are PAT tested (if applicable)
Property decluttered where possible
Other measures taken or requirements of Guests

We are both double-vaccinated, as is our cleaner, Bob.


The host hasn't yet indicated the accessibility of these digs.

Child Suitability

The host hasn't yet indicated the child-suitability of these digs.

Certificates and Licensing

Short-Term Let Licence Letting licences are not required for digs in this area at the moment.

Gas Safety
The Host hasn't yet indicated any gas details for these digs.

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Birmingham Event Venue", "lat": "52.4554866", "lng": "-1.7148778", "url": "/theatres/nec-birmingham-event-venue", "distance": "9.5" } , { "id": "883", "name": "Genting Arena - Birmingham", "lat": "52.4527002", "lng": "-1.7179614", "url": "/theatres/genting-arena-birmingham", "distance": "9.4" } , { "id": "885", "name": "Brierley Hill Civic Hall", "lat": "52.4840182", "lng": "-2.1217321", "url": "/theatres/brierley-hill-civic-hall", "distance": "7.8" } , { "id": "83", "name": "Garrick Theatre", "lat": "52.6823", "lng": "-1.8268", "url": "/theatres/garrick-theatre", "distance": "14.5" } , { "id": "1050", "name": "Dudley Town Hall", "lat": "52.5118632", "lng": "-2.0860412", "url": "/theatres/dudley-town-hall", "distance": "6.6" } , { "id": "1005", "name": "Birmingham DanceXchange", "lat": "52.4745566", "lng": "-1.8974956", "url": "/theatres/birmingham-dancexchange", "distance": "1.7" } , { "id": "1057", "name": "Walsall Arena and Arts Centre", "lat": "52.6046345", "lng": "-1.9884568", "url": "/theatres/walsall-arena-and-arts-centre", "distance": "8.7" } , { "id": "1089", "name": "Utilita Arena", "lat": "52.4804089", "lng": "-1.9140799", "url": "/theatres/utilita-arena", "distance": "0.9" } , { "id": "1100", "name": "Hurst Road Community Centre", "lat": "52.4799859", "lng": "-1.9903646", "url": "/theatres/hurst-road-community-centre", "distance": "2.3" } , { "id": "1149", "name": "Birmingham Town Hall", "lat": "52.4797269", "lng": "-1.9033149", "url": "/theatres/birmingham-town-hall", "distance": "1.4" } , { "id": "17", "name": "Birmingham Repertory Theatre", "lat": "52.4795", "lng": "-1.9092", "url": "/theatres/birmingham-repertory-theatre", "distance": "1.2" } , { "id": "1239", "name": "Crescent Theatre", "lat": "52.4777673", "lng": "-1.9162667", "url": "/theatres/crescent-theatre", "distance": "0.9" } , { "id": "42", "name": "Belgrade Theatre", "lat": "52.4098", "lng": "-1.5141", "url": "/theatres/belgrade-theatre", "distance": "18.5" } , { "id": "1157", "name": "Assembly Festival Garden", "lat": "52.4059561", "lng": "-1.5085407", "url": "/theatres/assembly-festival-garden", "distance": "18.8" } , { "id": "1165", "name": "Nelson Mandela Primary School", "lat": "52.4570226", "lng": "-1.875498", "url": "/theatres/nelson-mandela-primary-school", "distance": "3.1" } , { "id": "886", "name": "The Albany - Coventry", "lat": "52.4049787", "lng": "-1.5236569", "url": "/theatres/the-albany-coventry", "distance": "18.2" } , { "id": "1191", "name": "The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre", "lat": "52.48082489999999", "lng": "-1.8999726", "url": "/theatres/the-old-joint-stock-pub-theatre", "distance": "1.5" } , { "id": "160", "name": "Wolverhampton Grand Theatre", "lat": "52.5865", "lng": "-2.1242", "url": "/theatres/grand-theatre-wolverhampton", "distance": "10.7" } ]

NOTE: Theatre Digs Booker does not vet accommodation listed on the site. We rely heavily on the information provided by Hosts and the feedback given by Guests.

Please see any Guest reviews or the Host Profile for more information.

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