*Our house is an old Edinburgh town house in the Murrayfield area.
It offers easy commuting into Edinburgh or to the airport by bus or tram..
*Your comfortable single bed sitting room is on the ground floor. The bed has a quality mattress, cotton sheets and hotel standard pillows. The family bathroom with both a bath and electric shower is one stair up.
*There is a separate dining room for breakfast which is of your chosing .We use organic and Scottish sourced produce where possible and are happy to accommodate any dietary needs....gluten free, vegetarian, vegan etc...But please inform us in advance.
*You are welcome to use the kitchen and make endless cups of tea and freshly ground coffee...We do! And feel free to chose from the good selection of both.
*There is a garden which you are welcome to relax in and the Avenue leads directly onto an 18 hole golf course, providing a lovely walking area on the doorstep...We are in close proximity to the zoo and often the seals can be heard at feeding time.
You may bring guests back to visit but it is single accommodation.
We have smoking areas... but NOT in your room.
We have cats and a friendly dog...but all guest areas are totally animal free.
A LAUNDRY service is available..There is a washing machine , iron and ironing board for your use.
Sue and I will do our very best to make your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible whether you are staying for a night or a week. It is a very safe area and home for the single traveller.
It is not a hotel ,it is a family dwelling and you are welcome to be part of our homely environment while you are guests. Nameste

Digs' Features

Living with Host
Use of Washing Machine
Use of Kitchen
Central Heating
Use of Garden
Free Parking
Guests Allowed
Towels Provided
Breakfast Provided
Pets in the House
Smokers Allowed
Single Bed Sitting Room
Prices for 1 Guest
Per Night
Per Week
Per Month (28 Nights)

Shared Bathroom
Tea/Coffee Facilities
Double Glazing
Blackout Blinds

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[ { "id": "9703", "index": 0, "name": " SINGLE BED SITTINGROOM AND BREAKFAST", "url": "", "lat": "55.9419349", "lng": "-3.2600532", "icon": "/assets/map_icons/red_dig.png", "description": "*Our house is an old Edinburgh town house in the Murrayfield area. \r\nIt offers easy commuting into Edinburgh or to the airport by bus or tram" } ]
[ { "id": "194", "name": "Traverse Theatre", "lat": "55.94748", "lng": "-3.20428", "url": "/traverse-theatre", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "195", "name": "Royal Lyceum", "lat": "55.94699", "lng": "-3.20419", "url": "/royal-lyceum", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "50", "name": "Alhambra Theatre - Dunfermline", "lat": "56.0698", "lng": "-3.458", "url": "/alhambra-theatre", "distance": "11.7" } , { "id": "198", "name": "Carnegie Hall", "lat": "56.07189", "lng": "-3.4537", "url": "/carnegie-hall", "distance": "11.7" } , { "id": "199", "name": "Rothes Halls", "lat": "56.19585", "lng": "-3.1761", "url": "/rothes-halls", "distance": "17.9" } , { "id": "255", "name": "Adam Smith Theatre Kirkcaldy", "lat": "56.11172", "lng": "-3.16303", "url": "/adam-smith-theatre-kirkcaldy", "distance": "12.3" } , { "id": "291", "name": "Brunton Theatre", "lat": "55.94318", "lng": "-3.05609", "url": "/brunton-theatre", "distance": "7.9" } , { "id": "2", "name": "Edinburgh Playhouse", "lat": "55.957", "lng": "-3.185", "url": "/edinburgh-playhouse", "distance": "3.1" } , { "id": "600", "name": "Newlands Centre", "lat": "55.71882", "lng": "-3.3373", "url": "/newlands-centre", "distance": "15.7" } , { "id": "581", "name": "Lochgelly Centre", "lat": "56.1295", "lng": "-3.31036", "url": "/lochgelly-centre", "distance": "13.1" } , { "id": "535", "name": "Bathgate Regal", "lat": "55.90205", "lng": "-3.64551", "url": "/bathgate-regal", "distance": "15.2" } , { "id": "481", "name": "Usher Hall", "lat": "55.94745", "lng": "-3.20505", "url": "/usher-hall", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "3", "name": "Festival Theatre Edinburgh", "lat": "55.9467", "lng": "-3.1863", "url": "/festival-theatre", "distance": "2.9" } , { "id": "1", "name": "Kings Theatre - Edinburgh", "lat": "55.9419", "lng": "-3.2028", "url": "/kings-theatre", "distance": "2.2" } , { "id": "699", "name": "Summerhall", "lat": "55.94", "lng": "-3.18229", "url": "/summerhall", "distance": "3.0" } , { "id": "769", "name": "Hopetoun House", "lat": "55.99426", "lng": "-3.46808", "url": "/hopetoun-house", "distance": "8.8" } , { "id": "815", "name": "The Pleasance", "lat": "55.94745", "lng": "-3.18189", "url": "/the-pleasance", "distance": "3.1" } , { "id": "834", "name": "Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh", "lat": "55.9411253", "lng": "-3.3689583", "url": "/royal-highland-centre-edinburgh", "distance": "4.2" } , { "id": "977", "name": "Assembly Rooms", "lat": "55.9528298", "lng": "-3.1986754", "url": "/assembly-rooms", "distance": "2.5" } , { "id": "1004", "name": "Edinburgh International Conference Centre", "lat": "55.9460628", "lng": "-3.2097466", "url": "/edinburgh-international-conference-centre", "distance": "2.0" } ]

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